cafe and home 02

floorplan. hanging lightbulb
oyasumi / schooltime desk set
*Second Spaces* craft room - ribbons
*Second Spaces* craft room - crafts on the go beige
[ keke ] tincture bottle - poppy
[ keke ] winter bottle - snow berry
Lark - Winter Bunting
Sway's WallArt snowflake (S)
PILOT - Rolled Paper Rack
erratic / home - chest of drawers
floorplan. bookworm ladder / neutral
{what next} Charlotte Woodburning Stove (Black)
[CT] Chemtrails - Thermometer
Alouette - Bailey FIreplace Tools
AF Potted Plant (Exotic)
~BAZAR~ Torornto-Study black board
7 - Hanging Bulb -Single
7 - Skeeball Machine #2 - Personal  TMD
:CP: Salty Boat Bar   TMD
:CP: Salty Bar Stool PG   TMD
Atelier Kreslo To-Go Cup (Rez)
*Second Spaces* game of war
oyasumi / kettle silver
7 - Tall File
Picnic water dispenser TYPE2 [no glow]
PILOT - Traveler's Map 1
PILOT - Destination [Middle East]
PILOT - Hanging Shells [Blues]
[Con.] Fossil Hunter - Bag
[*Art Dummy!] sustain. (chair-wood2)
[*Art Dummy!] sustain. (chair-red)
Kuro - Ladder lamp
ISON HOME - fatty turtle
POST: Haarlem Deco Ashtray
POST:  Deco Coffee Table Book
Atelier Kreslo Mug (Rez)
Sari-Sari - Chalkboard
{vespertine}ham sandwich/white bread
{vespertine- old recipe cabinet-brown}
*Second Spaces* Ezra Table
Gachaya napkin_1 BROWN2

11th Hour: Model Airplane Packaging Box   OMG
11th Hour: Model Airplane Instructions   OMG
11th Hour: Model Airplane Plastic Molds   OMG
11th Hour: Model Airplane Paint & Decal Box   OMG
11th Hour: Model Airplane Half Done   OMG
11th Hour: Model Airplane Cutting Mat & Tools   OMG

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