Photo was for Exhibition Poster for SL11B - Location if you want to see XD 
Blue Lotus Okiya portal to our world

Outfit Information -

Hair - Blue Lotus Momoware - Not For Sale
Kanzashi - Hana Katsuraya Pinwheel Kanzashi
Blue Lotus Ogi - Not For Sale
Outfit -
Kimono - GD: Hikizuri - Jr Maiko - Refreshing Waves - Kamenozoki
Pocchiri - GD*Gacha* Pocchiri - Jigokucho - Jeweled - Crystal Gold
Shoes - GD: Okobo - Fresh - akaneiro - Lacquer

Geisha Dreams Store

SL11B Information -

Blue Lotus Okiya Presents - Empires of the Mind

Saturday, June 28th, 2014 at 10am SLT.

Watashi to issho ni kite kudasai. Come with me and celebrate the 11th birthday of Second Life.
The Blue Lotus will be part of the performances, doing an odori piece that expresses the reality of us being part of this virtual world.

SL11B Fascinate Auditorium - Stage 1

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