0921 new new new home

-NEW- @The Arcade Gacha
oyasumi / television
oyasumi / japanese table
oyasumi / paper lantern
oyasumi / tea pot & cup
oyasumi / fan
oyasumi / kendama / standing
oyasumi / kendama / tipped
oyasumi / zabuton / green
oyasumi / zabuton / blue
oyasumi / matcha tray
oyasumi / triangle side table /w plate
oyasumi / mailbox / dark
oyasumi / simple stool

[ARIA]Parma pendant  light   @The Mens Dept
[Breno] Fallout Critter- Slugosaur   @Uber
mijn.botique / home - doormat

[Breno] Find your bearings (wallart)
oyasumi / pipe wall light
oyasumi / oyasumi times
/ XIAJ / Finished Bento
[*Art Dummy!] blioom. (decor set)
poche konpeitou suzuran(rez
[Zacca] Uchiwa / 2014
[Zacca] Sudare Brown
:::LP::: Geta Sandals
* nonino * Naga-hibachi [S]( Fire )
*~MMG~* Tatami [new] 3 mats(s)_Border: black

-NEW- @Uber
{vespertine} abandoned nautilus lighthouse
{vespertine} EXIT road sign / brown
{vespertine} end of reality sign
{vespertine} absolutely nothing sign
{vespertine} do not feed zombies sign
{vespertine} welcome to nowhere /greensign /

-NEW- @Home and Garden Expo
forest feast G-Gift Ivy

oyasumi / cage lamp
**forest feast** Cobweb_02 sets

-NEW- @The Arcade Gacha
(fd) Cat - 07 Sitting Down
(fd) Cat - 12 Curious
(fd) Cat - 08 Stretching
(fd) Cat - 03 Sitting Lazy
(NO) Standing Cat - Blue China
(NO) Cat Head Pot - Unpainted
(NO) Boat Cat Vase - Fish

-NEW- @The Secret Affair
oyasumi / hanging nautical light
oyasumi / rowboat bench

oyasumi / wire cabinet
oyasumi / metal stool / black
oyasumi / kinky gear
[Breno] Elk horns
junk. old school cabinet.
junk. cushion pile. english garden. one.
junk. cushion pile. vegetable soup. two.
junk. cushion pile. vegetable soup. three.
junk. miller wall chair. sea.
junk. upcycled birdcage lamp.
[LeeZu!] Keep Calm Poster 2
7 - Wire Cage Shelf
7 - Shortwave Radio Set
[Con.] Wanderlust Station Arrow Sign
PILOT - Rolled Paper Rack
Second Spaces - Well-stocked Pantry - dry goods
AS Old Computer (Free)-Box

(NO) Sleepy Cat Pot - Painted Blue   @The Arcade Gacha
=EliBaily= Chester Leather Sofa beige (PG)   @The Mens Dept
oyasumi / hanging nautical light   @The Secret Affair

-NEW- @Uber
oyasumi / cinder block table
oyasumi / 18th street sign
oyasumi / 24th street sign

junk. pulley light.
oyasumi / spotlight / unplugged
oyasumi / pipe table
oyasumi / balance shelf / no stuff
oyasumi / weathered desk
oyasumi / metal chair / wood paint
oyasumi / gas stand set
AS Container
PILOT - Haywood Pipe Shelf
7 - Library Ladder
:CP: Abbotsford Hanging Shelf
[*Art Dummy!] bliss. (dots and stripes rug)
#NuLL. Koke Bonsai_1 LI
11th Hour: Model Airplane Paint & Decal Box
11th Hour: Model Airplane Packaging Box
11th Hour: Model Airplane Instructions
11th Hour: Model Airplane Cutting Mat & Tools
Atelier Kreslo To-Go Cup (Rez)

House : A:S:S - Aeon skybox



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