22769 ~ [bauwerk] Working Desk (empty)
[*Art Dummy!] sustain. (chair-wood2)
AF iFall (Early 2014) Media Edition
7 - Tall File
Soy. Pipe table [multi]
[NIJI-YA] ElectricFan1 CREAM

Second Spaces - box of junk
RO - RetroCool BoomBox - Prop
floorplan. scattered sheet music
floorplan. vintage microphone
.:Standby Inc. - World Tour - BrownSilverClosedGuitarCase

oyasumi /
dual speakers,chiptune mixer / geo 1 / RARE,pre amp
cd deck,sumikorg / geo 1 / RARE

new classic,portable amp + black,mk2 + black,headphones
vintage microphone,way2indie4u shelf,record chair

Lark - Mini-Polar (Yellow)
{theosophy} Beer Bottle (Keaton) Rez


.: Standby Inc. - Super Life Gaming Set
.:Standby Inc. - Retro Zone - Super Gaming Stick
:CP: Playing Games Console
*Second Spaces* geeky game controllers
*Second Spaces* geeky old school game cartridges
Second Spaces - Flea Market Finds - 70s-tastic TV trays
messy bookshelf - beige fileboxes
area 51 comics

oyasumi / industrial coffee table / white wood
Lark - Display Shelf (A)
junk. repurposed wheel light. iron.

{vespertine -nils floor cushion /khaki w/anims}
{vespertine -nils floor cushion /leather w/anims}


#NuLL. *KOTATSU (Topboard: wood, Color: dark blue)_6 LI
Soy. Kerosene heater w/ kettle [Black]
junk. dome ceiling light. fern.

/ XIAJ / Cup Noodles (blue) + open
PILOT - Burger Meal
Soy. the soy sause (gift)

{vespertine- mp3 player connected/writer}

=EliBaily= Chester Leather Sofa brown (PG)
oyasumi / balance shelf / with stuff
4. AF Reaching Plant
Lark - Antique Map Chandelier

Toro. Racer Bicycle Wallrack {Textures} RARE
Toro. Racer Bicycle Wallrack {Basic colors} RARE


MOON // Here After Collection // Wall Poster 01
MOON // Here After Collection // Wall Poster 02
Second Spaces - Patrick Pallet Desk
Second Spaces - Moby storage table
[Con.] Notes to Santa - Gold
-David Heather-Book Decor/Black

Second Spaces rustic pantry - dark natural
-David Heather-Travel Carryon/Black RARE
-David Heather-Office Bag/Black RARE

[FD] Futon w/cuddles-single sleepV2
[FD] Futon2 Single

floorplan. pallet wall
LISP - Mesh Blinds Narrow Short - Beech



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